Thursday, March 3, 2011



This circuit will drive up to 3 high-bright white LEDs from a 3v supply. The circuit has a pot to adjust the brightness to provide optimum brightness for the current you wish to draw from the battery. The transformer is wound on a ferrite slug 2.6mm dia and 6mm long as shown in the LED Torch with 1.5v Supply project. This circuit is a "Boost Converter" meaning the supply is less than the voltage of the LEDs. If the supply is greater than the voltage across the LEDs, they will be damaged.

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  1. Hi I have build a super bright LED Torch 4 X 3w Leds power by 10 x 1.5v (total 15v) AA Energize batteries using some resistor to suits the Leds.

    Any simple plan, chips etc. which can be source easily to reduce the batteries to 4 x 1.5v = 6v or less to power the same Leds?