Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DPN 40M AM Transmitter




R1                            1   100R,Resistor (USA Style)
R2                            1   10K,Resistor (USA Style),..
C3                            1   10nf,Capacitor
Q1                            1   2N2222,Bipolar Transistor
L1                            1   30t on 1/2inch PVC pipe,Inductor,..
R3                            1   330R,Resistor (USA Style)
C2                            1   330pF,Capacitor
R4                            1   33K,Resistor (USA Style)
C4                            1   365pF,Capacitor Variable
Q2                            1   BD139,Bipolar Transistor
J1                            1   COAXJ,Coax Jack
G1                            1   GND,Chassis ground
T1                            1   Modulation Transformer,Dual Sec. Transformer w. pins,P
T2                            1   Shortwave,Transformer,4
C1                            1   VC1,Variable Capacitor
X1                            1   XTAL,Crystal

Output power of this transmitter is around 0.8 watts sufficient enough for qrp operation.This circuit uses easily available old radio junks like shortwave osc.coil , audio output transformer, 2J variable gang condensers, which makes your job easy. If you have any suggestions or modification ideas please let me know at bcdxer@hotmail.com.


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