Saturday, June 28, 2014

40 Meter QRPp Transmitter


Steve Yates - AA5TB

40m QRPp Transmitter

I built this simple, crystal controlled 40 meter CW transmitter back in 1996. It sports full break-in operation and 250 mW of output power. The final output transistor is a mighty 2N2219A. The N6WG QSL card laying against the lid is just an example of one of the many contacts I have made with this transmitter. The station was located in California and my antenna was an inverted L (bent monopole) operated against a very poor ground system (a couple of ground rods). Considering the losses in my antenna system, I thought the contact was pretty good.

My design was based on one of the late Doug DeMaw's (W1FB) designs with many of my own modifications. The rig is built into an old file box I bought at a garage sale for $1.00.s

Inside View
Inside View

Schematic Diagram

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