Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ham Radio BFO


Ham Radio (amateur radio) is a popular hobby amongst electronics enthusiasts all over the world. Basically the hobby involves a person in making his own gear consisting of a receiver and transmitter or a transceiver (a receiver and a transmitter in one unit) after procuring a licence from the Ministry of Communications. Home brewing or self construction, an integral part of the hobby, has been sadly neglected in our country, despite the fact that various institutions with governmental help have come into being recently.

Hams aboard can buy the latest transceiver off the shelf at a reasonable price and go on the air immediately. But in India, with a sixty per cent duty involved (now changed?), a commercial transceiver would cost a whopping Rs: 50,000. Hence, it is beyond the reach of an average Indian Ham.

The Indian ham is often handicapped for want of ham gear. To overcome this shortcoming a small receiver and a transmitter can be home brewed with indigenously available components. The total outlay may not exceed a few hundred rupees. Some of you may wonder if this is feasible with out fancy test equipment like oscilloscopes and LC bridges etc. Yes it is possible.

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